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Company Overview

what made us different & perfect.

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TAUR SPM  established in 2022, we manufacture special equipment as per customer requirement, 

Vision / Goal / Strategies

High quality equipment, environment friendly

We devote ourselves to integrate the high quality standard into all of our activities and offerings. Providing the quality products is the core to TAUR SPM. We are committed to delivering consistent good quality to our customers.

Aside from the strong confidence on the reliability and durability of TAUR SPM  products, we also offer a 2-year warranty for Equipments

Products with high quality minimize the downtime. In other words, it increases the productivity and saves the cost; it is our commitment to continuously bring values that exceed our customers’ expectations.

 we are committed to our own strict quality standards to another level. All of our machines are well tested before the delivery. With TAUR SPM, you can rest assured about the quality. All Made in India with pride


Frequently Asked Questions

taur spm established in 2022, we manufacture special equipment, as per customer’s   requirement,

Taur spm manufactures special equipment, WC solutions

  And according to the customer’s input requirement

You may send an INQUIRY or send an email to info@taurspm.com and inform us which products you are interested in. We will contact you promptly to address your needs.

We offer the best price to performance ratio products on the market! Customers always get the maximum value with the minimum cost

We have given 20% of our company’s shares to the environment.


After Sales Service


TAUR SPM distributor site is an exclusive service to our distributors who are the only ones having the right to access the distributor site.

Lost your username and password? Please contact our sales team and we will send you information shortly Want to be our distributor? You may send us an INQUIRY or email to info@taurspm.com

Please contact us immediately with the equipment serial number and the problem details. The more information you provide the better we can understand the problems and the sooner we can solve them. Your information is always very important to us in improving our products.

We provide our distributors with the following technical supports:
(a) Detailed Operation Manual, Parts List
(b) Technical “Questions & Answers” documentation
(c) Free technical training in India
(d) On-site training
(e) Technical seminars
More details are available on request.

You place your order and we do the rest!

We offer comprehensive marketing materials, such as product videos, catalogues, product presentations, etc. to help our distributors. Meanwhile, according to different industry needs, we provide the most professional consultation and service to help our distributors grow.

if you are already our distributors, you may download the video from DISTRIBUTOR SITE. Or you may also link to our YouTube TAUR SPM Equipment Corp. channel to view the video.

We always reply within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. It is our pleasure to assist you.


Quality / Warranty / Certificates  


We offer 24-month warranty starting from the on board date. Only very few spare parts have shorter warranty due to suppliers’ policies. Details on request.

1) Sample order: if you are not satisfied with the quality, we accept sales return within 4 months and will refund you the full amount. That means you have no risk to test our products.
Regular order: if you consider that our machine has fatal defects and cannot be repaired, you can return the machine within one year from the on board date. We will replace with a new machine. You can rest assured to purchase our products.

All of our machines are manufactured under our strict quality standards. The machines are also well tested before delivery; therefore, customers will receive the “ready-to-use” machines.
With TAUR SPM, you can count on the quality.